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Monthly Adventure Kit - 3 Month Subscription

A fresh kit of essential outdoor gear, activities, games, outdoor crafts, and a merit pin arrives at your door monthly.

Your adventures begin with the Bear Essentials kit and are followed by a series of 11 more outdoor themed kits that always ship out in the same order, so you’ll never miss an adventure.

Your first kit will ship out on the 5th or the 20th.


Your next kits will ship out each month on the 20th. This subscription auto-renews every 3 monthson the 20th of the month. This subscription automatically ends after 12 months (3 renewals total).

You can cancel or pause between renewals.


Gift 3 months to someone you love!

Note: Only the first 9 kits are pictured, but there are 12 kits total available. More pictures coming soon!