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Camp Kit

We’re offering a limited number of “Summer Camp Kits” to kick start your adventures this summer.

Over $135 of outdoor tool and gear PLUS 30+ hours of adventure ideas, skill building lessons, crafts, and fun facts aligned to Canadian curriculum outcomes.

Your Summer Camp Kit kicks off your Wild | Life subscription with the first 3 kits all wrapped up and shipped in your first month. 

  • Kit No. 1 Bear Essentials
  • Kit No. 2 Into The Night
  • Kit No. 3 Lead The Way

Camp Kits will ship out on the 5th and 20th of each month.

After your first shipment you will auto-renew on the 20th  of the next month and you will continue to receive 1 kit each month at $47CAD/Mo  for the duration of 9 months.

Sibling Add-On:Camp Kits are so packed with awesome gear we can only fit 1 Camp Kit per box. However, if you want to SWITCH to sibling kit add-on ($34/mo) for months 4-12 we can do that for you! 

You can always cancel or pause at anytime.