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"Find New Roots" Foraging Bag

The perfect companion to carry with you while outdoors, a minimal carry when on the belt but a larger container when opened up to carry whatever you may see whilst on your outdoor adventures - bottle of water, (fallen)flowers, mushrooms, shells, small T-Rex, treats for your pets, beach foraging. Take it with you camping to gather fire starting materials- kindling, paper, fat pine, dry leaves, or twigs.

Water-resistance canvas pouch goes on your belt (up to 1.7” wide) with two sturdy snaps so it is easy to put on and off. The bag is made of waxed canvas and leather straps. 

  • 8.5X7cm when folded
  • Unfolded gives you 21.5cm x 22.5 cm
  • Carry your foraging pouch on your belt, backpack strap or tucked away in whatever you are carrying.
  • When needed, simply open the snaps on the flap and unfold the bag to stash your found items. when not in use the pouch folding away, then save you space.
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